Tube RSS : An Unofficial London Underground Travel Delays Feed

Have you arrived at this page because your site got visited by a bot and this url appeared in your logs? If so, read on.

The RSS feed is broken data due to changes on the TFL site. I don't know when I 'll have time to fix it. -- conor (02/10/10)

Transport for London, operators of the London Underground (or Tube as it is more commonly known), have recently redesigned their website. It's all very nice, but one glaring ommission is the provision of decent rss feeds. There are feeds for stuff like press releases and company news, but none for one of the main reasons people (well, me at least) come to the site: live travel news.

To redress this, I've written an experimental perl script to screen scrape the live travel news page and generate an rss feed. This feed can then be used in your favourite browser or news reader so that you can plan your journey accordingly.

After I've cleaned it up a little bit I'll place the source code online. If anyone uses the feed to create anything interesting (a mashup or something) I'd love to see it (send a link to "info" at this domain name).

Here's the feed url: -->

A note for TFL webmasters

The script should not hit the TFL website more than once every 10 minutes. If there is a problem and you think my bot is the cause, please get in touch at the email address in your logs.

Legal crap: I am not, and do not claim to be, connected with TFL or London Underground Limited in any official (or even unofficial way). Do not use this feed for anything too important as I do not claim it to be 100% accurate and it could go offline at any time and be offline for any amount of time. If you are in any doubt, please just use the official TFL site for all your live travel news needs. The pupose of this feed is just to have a bit of fun with screen scraping, perl and rss.